Uganda Lacrosse Association

The Uganda lacrosse association (ULA) is the legally registered, government licensed, and only World lacrosse recognized national governing body for the sport of lacrosse in Uganda.

ULA believes in the passion, intensity, joy, confidence, and sense of community that lacrosse brings to those who play, coach, and love the sport. From practice to playoffs, we work to make the game better and safer in our nation, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of a player’s excitement for the sport.

We evolve and grow the sport through innovative standards and best practices to advance coach and player development, participation and safety within the fun of the game and its inherent values. As the sport’s national governing body and member of the World Lacrosse the global governing body , Uganda lacrosse association also partners with the national sports authority and is fully recognized by the national council of sports.

Our dedication to lacrosse pushes us to provide the best certifications, resources and programs, keeping the spirit and integrity of the game alive for the thousands of athletes who enjoy the fun and benefit of playing.

Our Mission

Uganda lacrosse association’s mission is : To Advance, Unify and Grow the sport of Lacrosse in Uganda.

Our Vision

To unite the lacrosse community, promote the game’s inherent values, and evolve the sport through innovative standards and programming.

The ULA Executive Committee

Twesiime Liberty


Odiira Collins Bright

Marketing & Sponsorships
Mugaga Albert – Ass Gen Secretary

Mugaga Albert

Asst. General Secretary

Sam Otoa

General Secretary
Ayiko Joel – Treasurer

Ayiko Joel

Dr Sekakubo Johnson – Advisor

Dr Sekakubo Johnson

Aikobua Milton – Public Relations Officer

Aikobua Milton

Public Relations Officer
Atim Ruth – Incharge Development

Atim Ruth

Incharge Development

What We stand for

These three pillars, all of equal importance to us, serve as an expression of what we do and a constant reminder of why we do it. Our goal is to grow a love and understanding of the game within the players, coaches and fans in the lacrosse community.